Croeso, Welcome, Velkommen

A little bit about me: I am a Norwegian art student living in Aberystwyth (Wales) at the moment, doing my BA in Fine Art. I am currently in my second year, specialising in Printmaking and Painting at the School of Art. I am so happy I chose to study at this place, it is such a friendly town with beautiful surroundings – I really recomend for anyone to come and visit in the summertime. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and going to the theatre. I also love traveling, and do that as much as I can; to learn about new cultures, experience new places and gain inspiration from the world around me.

Artist Statement:

I would say that my art is about feelings and connection. Feelings of subtle changes and feelings about space and light. I make art about whatever speaks to me, whatever I can connect with. I am not able to choose one subject yet, nor any specific style. So far, I have tried to work in different styles to gain understanding and practice in more than one way of working with a medium. I play around with all kinds of materials until one day that I might find on specific style that will truly be mine… or maybe I never will. I have always liked trying out different things, and am in a constant search for new materials and inspiration.

In painting this semester, I have tried to capture the essence of my living room in the changing environment. As I started of painting my pictures in the winter, they became very dark and mysterious, a place you would not feel comfortable staying in by yourself. From then on, I have tried to create more light in my paintings as the seasons change and result are a much more happier and cozier living room that are portrayed. The subject is still the same, a sofa, chairs and a table, I have only added a few details and focused on the differences in the light and darkness.

In printmaking, I have focused a lot on portraits and figures. First of all, I have learned the different processes and played around and experimented with them – it is endless possibilities when it comes to printmaking. I tried making portraits of some of my best friends but also took inspiration from other portraits.

My art is very much inspired by one amazing Norwgian artist, Marit Saxegaard. Her paintings are dark, misty and delicate. I have been to several of her workshops where she thought life drawing, oil painting and how to paint portraits. My mom is also an influence for my work, she has always painted herself and I was able to use her workspace as much as I liked. I am also inspired by Edvard Munch’s expressive art work, his motives and brushstrokes.

Hope you enjoy my blog, and if you have any questions or inquiries feel free to leave a comment or contact me.